What is Clear Liquid Diet

Your diet plays an important part in your digestive health. The things that you eat have an important effect on how you feel and function. This is particularly true if you have any underlying gastroenterological issues. Oftentimes these conditions will call for a restrictive diet. Conditional diets can have a lot of advantages from losing weight to lowering cholesterol. One of the most restrictive diets is a clear liquid diet. This strategy is typically prescribed before certain medical tests or after particular surgeries. This is a short term diet, and should never be practiced without directions from your gastroenterologist. Here is everything you need to know about a clear liquid diet.

What is the Point of a Clear Diet?
A clear diet is planned to clean and reset your digestive tract. Tests like colonoscopies, as well as other surgeries, require a clean and clear digestive tract. When your digestive system is clear your doctor can more accurately, and easily identify and diagnose any potential problems. A clear liquid diet can also address the signs of other medical conditions like diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease, and diarrhea. Any undigested residue as a result of these issues can be cleared away with a clear liquid diet.

What Can You Absorb on a Clear Liquid Diet?
While a clear liquid diet may seem restrictive and unappealing, you actually have more options than you may guess. Practicing this diet for as long as it’s prescribed can be much more pleasant if you mix up your menu. Here are some of the items that you can include in a clear liquid diet.

  1. Ginger Ale
  2. Ice Chips
  3. Soft Drinks
  4. Fat-Free Broth
  5. Pulp-Free Juices
  6. Strained Tomato or Other Vegetable Juice
  7. Clear Soups
  8. Water
  9. Coffee or Tea Without Dairy Products
  10. Plain Gelatin
  11. Popsicles
  12. Honey
  13. Hard Candy

the clear liquid diet is a small term method. It cannot give the vitamins, fats, minerals, and other nutritional components that your body needs. However, it can help to resolve certain digestive issues and prepare you for operation and other medical systems. If you are undergoing any digestive problems, the expert staff at Digestive Diseases Center can help. our gastroenterologists are here for you.