Poor Digestive Health

There may be various reasons, some of which are common, for digestive problems. However, it may be time to see a gastroenterologist for a digestive inspection if they have discomfort or interfere with daily life.

Let’s talk about some of the main signs of digestive health issues that explain medical attention, and where you can go for an evaluation and treatment:

Frequent Diarrhea

Often diarrhea bouts can occur when you have an infection or a dietary reaction, but a doctor should determine recurrent diarrhea. You may have an underlying situation that should be addressed, such as Crohn’s disease.

Chronic Constipation

The stool should be moving regularly. You may have a digestive health problem when you discover that you don’t regularly have bowel movements, or if you often find it hard to pass stool. You may not drink sufficient fluids, need more fiber, or have another illness. Your gastroenterology Doctor will be able to tell you how to effectively treat your constipation.


You’ll feel like you’re very full, even overly filled if you frequently feel bloated. Maybe you’re feeling tight or swollen in your belly.

Floating occurs as the air or gas fills the digestive tract. Sometimes the gases build up when carbs collapse, creating a sensation of bloating. It can also happen because of indigestion.

When bloated sometimes, it may be a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome, for example (IBS). This requires to be addressed by an experienced gastroenterologist to provide relief from these feelings of fullness and bloating.

Excessive Gas

Gas is typically transferred 14 to 23 times a day. However, it can show that your digestive tract is not safe if the gas causes you abdominal pain. Your gastroenterologist can give you treatment and tips to keep your bloating symptoms under control.

See a Trusted Gastroenterologist in Nashik

See one of our highly qualified gastroenterologists here at Mediliv Hospital Nashik if you experience regular or persistent pain or discomfort in your abdominal area, or if your gas, diarrhea, and constipation are especially distressing. Our certified doctors will assess your digestive health effectively and give you a diagnosis and recommended care.

We have complete service gastroenterology, from colonoscopy to endoscopy to food allergy examination. If required, your gastroenterologist will perform tests to see what the conditions are and we will provide recommendations about how your digestive health can be improved.