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Is Gallbladder Cancer Preventable?

One of the most prevalent diseases affecting people today is cancer. It is responsible for a number of fatalities worldwide, and the rising number of cancer sufferers with each passing year is worrying. Gallbladder cancer is a deadly condition that causes the patient significant suffering and is very expensive to cure.

One of the many cancers that can prove fatal is gallbladder cancer. So, is it possible to take preventive measures for it? Let’s discuss.

Is it possible to prevent Gallbladder Cancer?

The gallbladder is where gallbladder cancer develops, and if it is diagnosed before it has spread to other organs, it can be treated. Age, gender, bile duct anomalies, and other risk factors make it impossible to totally prevent gallbladder cancer. To reduce your chances of developing gallbladder cancer, however, you can take the following actions:

·Maintain a healthy weight:

Increased levels of inflammation and certain hormones can increase with excess fat, increasing risk. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight is usually a sensible move.

·Limit alcohol to Prevent Gallbladder Cancer

Organs like the liver and gallbladder are damaged by alcohol abuse. To reduce the hazards, try to limit its consumption as much as possible

·Be physically active

By raising oxygen levels in your body, staying physically active will reduce your risk of developing this disease and keep you in healthy life.

·Eat healthily

Eat minimal processed and fast food rather more nutritious foods, such vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc.

·Do not ignore gallstones

If you have gallbladder stones, consult a specialist to assess whether treatment is necessary. It has been discovered that gall stones and cancer are correlated.

Maintaining good health and fitness is crucial to avoiding fatal diseases like cancer. Even while it is impossible to completely eliminate them from our life, adopting precautions can be helpful. Get in touch with or go see Dr. Sharad Deshmukh in Nashik for the best advice.

About Dr. Sharad Deshmukh

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Dr. Deshmukh has had vast experience in all areas of his field, having performed over 10,000 diagnostic and therapeutic upper GI endoscopies, and over 5,000 diagnostic/therapeutic colonoscopies and sigmoidoscopies.

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