orthopedic and accident

Orthopedic and Accident

Orthopedic physicians (sometimes also called orthopaedic physicians) are doctors who specialize in injuries of the musculoskeletal system — which includes bones, joints, ligaments, nerves, and tendons.

The field of orthopedics was first developed to treat children who had crippling or debilitating diseases. It makes sense, then, that the word “orthopedic” is derived from the Greek words “ortho,” meaning straight, and “pais,” meaning children or pediatric. Today, orthopedic physicians treat patients of all ages.

Almost everyone experiences joint pain at some point in their life, and many people have musculoskeletal injuries that require medical attention. If specialized diagnostics and treatment are required for your injury, you’ll likely see an orthopedic physician.

Even if you aren’t a physically active person, you can damage your muscle tissue simply through the wear and tear of daily activities. Prolonged computer use, working without taking breaks, performing repetitive movements, and even poor posture can cause musculoskeletal injuries.