Laser Kidney Stone Treatment

Laser Kidney Stone Treatment

The presence of Kidney Stones in the human body can cause immense pain and discomfort. It becomes essential to get rid of the stones so that the normal activities of life continue uninterrupted. There are different procedures to get rid of the stones. If the stone is larger and cannot dispose while urination and gets stuck in the urinary tract, then surgery becomes the obvious choice.
There are different kinds of procedures available to treat the problem and one such treatment procedure is the Laser Kidney Stone Surgery.

Are there any complications related to the surgery?

  • Stent pain is the most common form of complaint which the patients have post surgery. The stent rubs on the inside of the bladder which causes discomfort while urinating.
  • Residual stones are found even after the surgery. Thus it is very important to have a clear idea about the procedure and the results before indulging in the surgery.
  • There may be instances of ureteral injury.
  • Infections may develop post surgery which can be treated with medications including antibiotics.

Can the stone re-occur?

It is quite likely that the person who has had kidney stone once in life can have it again. After the surgery, the surgeon will send the stone to the lab for examination. The composition of the stone is known through the results of the investigation. Further preventive steps will be advised by the doctor for prevention of the formation of stones. The most common suggestion under circumstances is lifestyle changes and diet alterations which should be followed by the patient.