fissure doctor in Yeola


Anal Fissure is a longitudinal tear in the lower end of the anus. It is the most painful condition affecting the anal region. It is commonly seen in young patients.

If you are suffering from the severe pain of anal fissure then get consult Dr. Sharad Deshmukh at Mediliv Hospital he is fissure doctor in Yeola and treated various cases of Anal fissure.

Symptoms of Fissure

  • Severe burning and pain during and after passing stool
  • severe constipation Drop of blood or streak of fresh blood during defecation.
  • sentinel piles (Tag of skin at the outer end of the anus)
  • Itching
  • Hard stool (pellet-like)

Cause of Fissure Treatment

  • Hard stool
  • surgical Procedure (Piles surgery)
  • spincter hypertonia (spasm of anus)
  • Repeated child birth
  • Excessive use of ointments.
  • Excessive use of laxatives.

Diagnosis of Fissure

  • Per rectal examination with lignocaine jelly application.
  • Proctoscopy is contraindicated because the condition is very painful. (If required can be done under general anesthesia)