Multispecialty Hospital in Nashik

Dr. Deshmukh’s Mediliv multispecialty Hospital

Dr. Sharad Deshmukh (Gastroenterologist) and Dr. Suchita Deshmukh (Gynecologist) started Mediliv Multispeciality Hospital in Dwaraka Nashik. The Mediliv Hospital, where Dr. Sharad Deshmukh works is a super specialty hospital for gastroenterology, hepatology, and advanced endoscopy/gynecology/ infertility. Cutting-edge Medical and surgical facilities are offered at Mediliv Hospital. It offers a specialized liver ICU, Indoor facilities, and advanced endoscopic and surgical treatment.

This hospital has a team of highly qualified and experienced gastroenterologists / GI surgeons to conduct all advanced and complicated surgeries. All open and laparoscopic operations are performed at Mediliv Hospital. Not to mention ordinary surgeries, advanced procedures like colon cancer surgeries, hiatus hernia surgeries, and bariatric surgeries are frequently performed. The facilities we provided at Mediliv Hospital are:-

  • Upper GI Endoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • ERCP
  • operations
  • surgery – GI / Obstetric and Gynec / orthopedic/ cancer surgeries
  • Admission
  • liver-ICU
  • liver-fibroscan, etc

Best Maternity Hospital in Nashik

Mediliv Hospital is the best maternity hospital in Nashik managed by the experienced gynecologist Dr. Suchita Deshmukh. Obstetrics, which covers all aspects of pregnancy from prenatal care through postpartum care, is an area of study for obstetricians. We are the best maternity hospital in Nashik, hence we can prove ourselves one of the best at this. As specialists in the twenty-first century, our top priority is to ensure the health, welfare, care, and support of this source of ultimate civilization. Our Obstetrics and Gynecology department at Mediliv Hospital specializes in prenatal care for expectant moms, gynecological issues, menstrual cycle issues, infertility, loop insertion, and removal, among other things. Mothers are in need at this crucial time, and the maternity hospital in Nashik is taking good care of them. During pregnancy and childbirth, our extensive array of facilities provides outstanding care for both the mother and the infant in a loving and comfortable environment, and our thoughtfully planned infrastructure best meets the demands, requirements, and moods of the patients in such circumstances. These days, high-risk pregnancies are more common. Since we are the best maternity hospital in Nashik, we can handle all of this. Mediliv Hospital in Nashik is completely prepared to handle high-risk pregnancies by attending to the smallest and most precise aspects of the mother and the baby to ensure the best outcome for both of them. This is effectively managed by our team of gynecologists. We are the Best Maternity Hospital In Nashik because we have all the necessary equipment. Our team of senior physicians and consultants is currently engaged in managing and performing normal and surgical deliveries, as well as surgeries like hysterectomy, ovarian cystectomy, surgery for ectopic pregnancy, tubal ligation, D&C, cervical biopsy, Long Loop Excision of Transformation Zone(LLETZ), excision of vulval or vaginal cysts, colpoperineorrhaphy, etc.

Our Vision

Our mission is to provide an inspiration for others and exhibit to the world the best medical care in medical research, surgical skill, and academics.

Our Mission

Our goal is to become a standard for high-quality healthcare that is accessible to everyone. Our goal is to see every couple with their child smiling.

Our Specialized Doctors

Dr. Sharad Deshmukh has had vast experience in all areas of his field, having performed over 10,000 diagnostic and therapeutic upper GI endoscopies, and over 5,000 diagnostic/therapeutic colonoscopies and sigmoidoscopies.

Dr. Suchita Deshmukh is a very well known and experienced Obstetricians and Gynecologist in Nashik. She has done her MBBS from prestigious B.J Medical College and Sasson Hospital, Pune and MD in Obstetrics and Gynecology from B.Y.L Nair Hospital, Mumbai.

  • Liver Specialist / Hepatologist
  • Liver Transplant Physician
  • Consultant Gastroenterologist
  • Interventional Endoscopy
  • GI System
  • Antenatal Education
  • Laparoscopic Surgeries
  • Infertility
  • Breastfeeding
  • Gynaecology
  • Obstetrics

Dr. Sharad Deshmukh


Dr. Sharad A. Deshmukh is a Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist in Nashik Maharashtra, where he practices at renowned Medilive Hospital several hospitals.

Dr. Suchita Deshmukh


Dr. Suchita Deshmukh is the well skilled and experienced gynecologist. She has a special interest in infertility management, management of high-risk obstetrics cases.

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